Data Services provide SFDC data and deliver it as standards-based Web services or SQL. Data Services for SFDC deliver high-level abstracts of the most common business objects, such as Leads, Accounts and Cases.

This enables SOA-compliant applications, as well as traditional front-end applications such as a reporting tool, to consume the content, providing users with the visibility they need to effectively run their businesses.


Moving from a legacy system to Salesforce CRM requires careful analysis. Information from disparate systems often needs to be brought together and mapped to the Salesforce data model. Our implementation consultants use automated data migration tools and best-practices ensuring the process is accurate and secure. We are highly experienced in:

  • Identify multiple data sources.
  • Identify data gaps.
  • Identify historical data requirements.
  • Identify data quality issues and work with business users on data cleansing.
  • Identify data redundancy issues and define steps to reduce duplicates.
  • Create a process to merge data from different systems.
  • Identify legacy and SalesForce objects and field mapping.
  • Identify data load sequence.
  • Perform at least one or two dry runs before production.
  • Involve business users in scrubbing the data as well testing the data.

A clear step-by-step approach is necessary for an effective data migration and integration. Our process is proven to deliver a cost-efficient and long-term solution for your organization’s data needs



We offers a wide range of Salesforce data services that focus on maximizing technology’s reach to enhance your relationship with your customer. We can help you extract your critical data and turn it into an effective tool to better serve your customers. With our help, you can transform your organization into a modern, state-of-the-art customer-centric organization. We are using following tools for extraction.
Apex Data Loader:

It is a client application for the bulk export of data. It can be used for Enterprise, Unlimited Performance, Developer, and Editions. It can handle Between 5,000 and 5 million record and it export the data to CSV file.


Workbench is a powerful, web-based suite of tools designed for administrators and developers to interact with organizations via the APIs. It can be used for Enterprise, Unlimited Performance, Developer, and Editions.

Data Export

It provided in Salesforce and it can generate backup files of your data on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your edition. It doesn’t have limit for export records.

Jitterbit Data Loader

Jitterbit is an application developed by an external company to Salesforce. It’s an application to install on a client machine, with Windows and OSX versions available. Through a reasonably nice interface, it lets you set up jobs, and set up schedules and extracts to FTPs. It can export Over 5 million of records.


Gnxt systems is a company with experienced personnel who understand the process of converting data from legacy systems to the latest databases concepts and technologies. Our data transformation services are carried out with a focus on; accuracy, data validation, data cleansing, and enrichments.
We have the expertise to evaluate the scope of the project, develop the specification and execute the plan. We understand data. We know how to listen. We take pride in our work.

You’ve identified the problem. Your Salesforce data is a mess and full of duplicates and inaccuracies. You probably have better things to do than manually clean up all that data so that’s where we come in. We’ve got the tools and expertise to de-dupe, scrub, and clean your data.

You’re going to love your clean Salesforce data.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Remove duplicates

We’ll remove duplicate entries from your leads, contact, accounts, and anywhere else they may be. We carefully scrub your data, validate the duplicates we plan to remove, and store a backup copy just in case.

Validate data

City in the wrong state? Not sure a zip code is right? Revenue or other amounts way off? We’ll scan your data and fix these issues ensuring your data is reliable and makes sense.

Mass correct data

If you’ve got a lot of mass updates that you need to make and it can’t be done natively in Salesforce, we’ll take care of that for you. We can mass update, search/replace, etc. any field in any object.

Prevent future dupes

We’ll point you to apps that work to prevent duplicates from occurring in the future.

Fix formatting

Does your team have a bad habit of inputting data in any which way, upper or lower case, abbreviated or not? We can fix that. We’ll build you a consistent data set.