Choose your partner

Choose your partner

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Let us see a scenario first,

Huge Family

There was a family, in that family, a Mother, a Father, and 7 kids. Father was working but still didn’t bring so much money where he can feed all of them in the family. What are the options for him, he need to work hard and need to earn more. He can work multiple jobs, he can start a side business (always risky, he can lose what he has to), he can borrow money (for how long), he can ask his wife to work too (if she is willing), he can involve in illegal activities (he can be caught any day). These are all the reality as far as his family situation is concerned. On the other hand, without proper nutrition, his kids can get into illness or kids can not focus in their studies. There are more problems we can foresee from this family.

Small Family

Now there is another family, a Mother, a Father and 2 kids. A normal family, father is working he brings money and can take care of the family with normal activities at least. No borrowings, no need to think of extra work, no need to force wife to work and kids are at school performing well too. This is kind of planned family.

Now let put situations in to these two families.

A person need to be taken care, how these two families will handle it.
In the first family, though there are many people available, they have their own issues and no one is aligned with each other so that they can take care of that person easily. But, with given scenario, each of this family members are already stressed about their situation and even if they want to help that person it is very difficult for them to help. Each family members are in their own situation and struggling to come out of it. And no one knows, who will and can help that person.

How Second Family reacts to the situation

In the second family, though very limited people, but they are available to help that new person with open arms. With great enthusiasm both kids are willingly to come forward to help that person collaboratively both are ready to help that person, and they start helping him. If need further help, they can easily approach their father for further help. Their mom can also pitch with some help (maybe cooking some good food for that person).

Analogy of Family Vs Company

Why I introduced this sort of example story here is, in the IT industry, usually projects and outsourcing happens with bigger companies (the first family). Where clients come and chose their partners based on the big name of the company (which is the first criteria). Often the client does not see the full benefits of hiring the smaller companies (the second family).

Drawbacks with the First Family

As we saw the drawbacks with first family, in large companies, there are lot of people involved in the project/out sourcing. Things are happening in defined steps and every step needs approval from higher authority. And I see bureaucracy and there can be unnecessary holdups and delays. Overall the cost of the project/out sourcing are huge. This is mainly due to the structure of the big companies.

Advantages with the second Family

Where as we saw some nice things with the second family (small companies). First of all, the service is handled by few, and they are easily approachable. The client knows whom they are dealing with. Any and all actions are very transparent and quick. In case of any crucial decision-making always the seniors are available. There are many other advantages with a small company setup.

Overall comparison

I am not discussing all the details of how big companies are dealing with their projects/out sourcing and how it is different from small companies. But over all if you look at it, going with big companies can have more complications than going with small companies. And of course, the cost of the project/out sourcing is always high with the big companies comparing to small companies.

Client’s Choice

A client who is smart and want to get the best services at the best rate would and should consider going with smaller companies. It will be beneficial to go with small and achieve big at a lower cost.

You may have your opinion other way too. I welcome your view point too. Feel free to digest this or react to it. Either way it is fine.

Nothing to lose, when you are small.

August 10, 2020| Categories: Blog Category | Leave a Comments

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